#delsolnailpolish Color-changing nail polish

Guys, I was SO excited to try this color changing nail polish and so now I am excited to be sharing my results achieved with it!


So here is this beautiful or so-called Blue-tifull which is sort of a Baby blue on my “Inside picture” and my hand out in the sun after the color changing magic happened – which is what I would describe as a “French grape” color.

The bottle is shaped pretty nicely, so that it’s easy to hold and get a good grip of it when you are doing your own nails that is VERY important. The brush inside does a great job spreading the nail polish in my nail without leaving “track” marks in it. On the pictures on here I have only 2 coats and it has been 2 days that I have it on now, no cracks, no peeling, PERFECT so far!

Next week I will be trying out another color and of course will share with you guys my results. But, I can already tell you this, I’m SOLD, this is awesome! I can’t stop thinking that I will wear this on my Cancun vacation this upcoming January and I will have one color inside the resort when I’m having dinner or lounging on the lobby and when I’m out in the pool or at the beach it will be another – completely different – color! So fancy!!

Check our how many colors are available on their website: Del Sol Nail Polish

* I received this product at a promotional rate in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. All statements made are 100% of my own based on my personal experiences with this product.



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