#OZERI Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44″) with Passive Noise Reduction Technology

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This Ozeri fan is AMAZING! First, it looks like something straight out of Sharper Image, except it costs way less. Glossy black, and high-tech looking. The top facing of the fan is basically a touchscreen, and you can control all of its many, many functions from it. It also comes with a nice little remote that controls all the important functions, as well, and the remote niftily stores away in the handle area on the back of the fan when you don’t need it out. There are these super cool blue lights that light up on the touchscreen to indicate what settings you’re currently dealing with. If you sleep with this on, and you’re sensitive to lights while you’re sleeping, you will very likely be annoyed by them. They don’t bother me, though, but just thought I should mention it (though you can probably easily cover them up while you sleep).

I’ll do a quick rundown of the functions. There are 3 fans, and each can be turned on/off independently, or work in unison. You can tell the tower to oscillate, or stay static at any point. There are 3 speeds (low, medium, high), and then there are 3 modes: regular (fans rotate at a constant speed), Nature (fans simulate natural breeze by cycling between speeds), and Sleep (fans reduce speed in 30 minute intervals until settling at Low speed). There’s also a timer, but I haven’t messed with that yet.

Now I want to talk about the noise level. At low speed, the fan is pretty much silent. I can imagine only the lightest of sleepers having difficulty sleeping with this at low speed. The problem is that low speed doesn’t push a lot of air, really just enough to stir the air in a room, not cool you down. At medium speed, the fans are no longer silent, but they’re still not bothersome. You definitely get more air pushed around at medium, though. Then at high speed, the air is really getting pumped out, but the noise is definitely noticeable. It’s not loud at all, but it’s certainly not quiet. I’d say it’s a gentle white noise.

Other things worth noting are that the base is thankfully very heavy, so I have no worries about this ever falling over on its own, and that it was super easy to attach the fan to the base (unscrew a ring from the bottom of the fan, stick the pole through the base, replace the ring).

Overall, this is a great, beautiful, highly functional fan, with the only potential drawbacks being for people that are light sleepers and need a fan running while they sleep. For everyone else, I’m pretty sure you’re going to love this as much as I do!!!

* I received the opportunity to purchase this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.


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