#LimmJumpRope Limm Jump Rope

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This is definitely the rope I was hoping for!
As soon as you pick up the handles, you’ll naturally rotate them in your hands until they feel like they fit. Like our grips, these handles are not perfectly round, and they’ve been designed to fit more comfortably in your hands than the typical round handles. The handles are also cushioned, which might not sound like a big deal, but as soon as you start to tire and struggle a little (sadly, pretty quickly in my case!), you’ll notice your
grip on them becomes tighter so it’s nice to have that cushion there!
The rope is adjustable in length, but I felt like it was a good length for me right out of the package, so I haven’t messed with that aspect of it yet.
Also, bonus points because the rope doesn’t tangle at all! Very happy with it and I would recommend it!

* I received this item at a promotional rate, in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. All opinions expressed here are my own, based on my own experience with this product. #LimmJumpRope


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