‪#‎KerastaseTransforms‬ Influenster – My hair transformation process!


20150917_205410 20150917_205421
Day one – Switcharoo???

So I couldn’t wait! My hair was due for a wash anyways. I usually wash it in the morning before going to work, but I decided that I was going to break the routine and get it washed right now so that I could try my Kerastase duo that came in the mail just earlier today!

So here are my first impressions: Initially, I was puzzled because it says on the bottle to use the conditioner first, THEN rinse it off and use the shampoo. Now, my hair is Looooong and Fiiiiineee and this combination does not go well if there’s not ALOT of conditioner involved and I was NOT looking forward to a fight with tough tangles tonight. But hey, I’m in it to test it, so I jumped right in!
Made my hair wet, popped the CONDITIONER bottle open, removed the seal and squeezed some conditioner in my hand – paused for a minute wondering if I should start at my roots or just on my length as I normally do with my conditioner, since I have oily scalp.. I decided to settle for the 2nd, because it makes more sense to me.
Now really – Mmmmm smells SO good! I will try to describe the scent on my upcoming posts, because today, on my first time I was just too excited to go deeper into digging trough the notes of the scent.
And after the Mmmm came the Ahhhh.. creamy conditioner getting all over my eager-for-moisturizer hair.
I spread it evenly through my length (possibly used more than I needed) and wow I could literally glide my fingers through my hair without any “road blocks” (tangles).
Rinsed everything off and it was time for the shampoo… ???

….To be continued!

Influenster Kérastase


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