Bark Control Elite – Digital Dog Shock Collar – Small and Large Breed Digital Shock Training Collar – Designed and Engineered in USA

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I was really unsure about getting a shock collar to try to make my dog stop her non-stop barking at any single noise she heard, but this one seems to be a good one to start with. The one setting that you can set it to just beep when she started barking has taking my place saying :Cherie, stop! and, yes she did got shocked twice because she wouldn’t stop at first, but she quickly learned that the beeepppp means STOP, or else… and she actually realized that pretty quickly. Now, I also had a problem with her that other than barking when I am at the house, she barks NON stop if I attempt to leave the house without her, and yes, she can go on for hours and hours, (I got a camera installed so I could watch what she does) and so now with the collar she has learned not to bark and so she switched to crying, but at least it’s not loud so my neighboors won’t hear it. The collar itself is fully adjustable and fit her neck just fine (she is a 14lb poodle/terrier mix), I haven’t had to recharge it yet, so I would say I’m very happy with this purchase and would recommend it for sure.

* I received this item at a promotional rate, in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. All opinions expressed here are my own, based on my own experience with this product.


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